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Latest News

Dental Professionals Hearing Service launched, highlighting hearings’ independence from GDC fitness

As part of the new service, a dedicated website now provides a one-stop-shop for information including the different types of hearing, details of future and past hearings, and a summary of what dental professionals and witnesses can expect

Posted on 6/21/2022

BADN Menopause Policy receives nationwide support from leading organisations

The British Association of Dental Nurses Menopause Policy launched in March 2022 continues to receive a nationwide support from other organizations.

Posted on 6/15/2022

BADN Chief Executive Celebrates 30 years with association

BADN Chief Executive, Pamela Swain, reached another milestone as she has now provided 30 years of service for the British Association of Dental Nurses and its members.

Posted on 6/15/2022

Virtual Coffee Catch-up | June 2022

Offering you networking opportunities with fellow DCPs, BADN Executive Committee and special guests.

Posted on 6/15/2022

GDC calls for particular focus on CPD as Dental Care Professionals’ annual renewal opens

With the annual renewal period fo dental care professionals (DCPs) openning, GDC asks to ensure enough hours is completed for the minimum CPD requirements for ongoing registration.

Posted on 6/13/2022

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