Coronavirus: Useful Links and Sources

General Information/Updates

World Health Organization (WHO)  -

World Health Organization (WHO) COVID-19 Technical Guidance -

World Health Organization (WHO) COVID-19 Infection prevention and control / WASH -

World Health Organization (WHO) Mental Health & Psychsocial Considerations During COVID-10 Outbreak -

Health & Safety Executive -

Worldwide COVID-19 cases per country -

Pregnancy Information -

Government Advice and Information

Government response to COVID-19 outbreak -

Gudaince for household with possible coronavirus (COVID-19) infection -

Department for Education key workers list -

NHS Advise and Information

NHS coronavirus information-

NHS Primary Care -

Support For Businesses

GOV website -

GOV Coronavirus Business Support -

General Dental Council Updates

GDC Coronavirus response -

GDC Coronavirus update (17th March 2020) -

British Dental Association Updates

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Frequently Asked Questions regarding COVID-19 -