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Last Updated: 05 April 2022

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The Chief Dental Officer, Tom Ferris has issued an official letter advising that the Chief Nursing Officer's Nosocomial Review Group (CNRG) that they have reviewed the advice from the Antibiotic Resistance & Healthcare Acquired Infection (ARHAI) group of NHS NSS and that the COVID guidance has been amended.

The Chief Nursing Officer has issued a letter, DL(2022)07, to NHS Scotland with the proposed changes that are able to come into force with immediate effect and,  such information will be distrubuted to everyone through the usual Board channels.

To review the letter and find out more about the changes, click below to read the full letter.

CDO De-escalation letter

The below guidance document superseeds the recently carried out Q&A for healthcare workers. The key difference is that HCWs in contact with a case do need to have a PCR – the Q&A just mentioned LFD tests.

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Please see attached the lattest guidance on physical distancing in healthcare settings.

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Learn how dental professionals can get involved in the COVID-19 vaccination programme in Scotland.

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Please find attached joint letter from all Chief Dental Officers in the UK offering support to the dental profession throughout the second wave of covid-19.

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The occupational risk assessment guidance has been published and is available using the link below

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Chief Dental Officer Scotland has released a document for dental care teams across scotland regarding the next phase in light of Covid-19 pandemic and a letter to Dentisty regarding the phase 3 Remobilisation .

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Below you'll find a recent presentation to outline Scotlands furlough scheme and annual leave information and how it's going to work going forward.

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Chief Dental Officer Scotland has released documents about Phase 2 in re-opening dental practices and information for dental teams in the latest documents.

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On 20 May 2020, the Chief Dental Officer of Scotland issued a letter that described a phased approach to the remobilisation of dental services after closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Phase 2 of this approach is concerned with the restarting of dental practices.

SDCEP has developed a 'Practice Recovery Toolkit' to provide advice and implementation tools to support primary care dental practices. Currently, this resource specifically concerns Phase 2 of remobilisation.

The Practice Recovery Toolkit comprises:

  • resuming dental services guide
  • patient COVID-19 screening questions (also in Appendix 1 of the guide)
  • patient management flowchart (also in Appendix 2 of the guide)
  • aerosol generating procedures (also in Appendix 3 of the guide)
  • template notice for practice entrances (also in Appendix 4 of the guide)
  • practice reopening checklist

The Practice Recovery Toolkit is now available on the SDCEP website.

This is a 'living resource' which may be amended after publication to incorporate minor improvements following in-use feedback from the profession, as new information becomes available or as circumstances evolve in the weeks ahead.

Note that the Practice Recovery Toolkit resources are subject to change as new information becomes available. Therefore, please ensure that you are viewing the most recent versions by referring to the SDCEP website.

We trust that you find the Practice Recovery Toolkit helpful in moving forward.

Scottish dental are running a survey in aid to develop a guide to support dental practices as they prepare to re-open their doors following ease of restrictions in the future.

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PSD has updated its Frequently Asked Questions about NHS financial support for dentists during the COVID-19 outbreak.

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The Scottish Government has written to NHS Boards asking them to develop "mobilisation plans" for the next phase of the NHS response to Covid-19.

As part of these plans, Boards should increase the throughput in the 56 urgent dental centres across Scotland to manage acute and essential dental problems. This includes aerosol generating procedures (AGPs) as far as safety and quality allows. Boards should also plan for dental practices to reopen to see their registered patients for acute and essential care (again, as safety and quality allows). This will not involve AGPs, and practices should plan patient appointments to ensure physical distancing.

Boards have been asked to submit their draft mobilisation plans (to the end of July) by 25 May. The Chief Dental Officer will liaise with the profession to determine what is feasible.

Following the CDO’s recent letter outlining revised financial support for NHS dentistry in Scotland, the Scottish Government has issued a memorandum setting out more details about the funding package.

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The letter was issued on 30 March 2020 by the Scottish Officials outlining a revised funding.

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Health Protection Scotland website issues advice guidance on infection prevention and control for COVID-19.

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All the latest information and resourced regarding COVID-19 in Scotland

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