Recruitment and Retention challenges in dental nursing

Calling all Dental Nurses!

David Noon - a master's degree student at the University of Chester has worked as a Dental Nurse since 2005 and currently a multi-site dental practice manager appreciated the challenges and difficulties faced by dental nurses.

This is why David decided to conduct research into understanding the current recruitment and retention challenges in dental nursing as part of his postgraduate degree final research project.

The short survey only takes couple of minutes to complete and will allow David and us to understand the nature of your current role, and the type of working environment dental nurses thrive in that could inform and idea of future staff models.

The survey is completely annonymous, and you will not be asked to provide any personal details that may identify you or the location of your current practice.

As well as using the survey for the academic purpose, the outcome of the research may also be shared with professional association to triangulate finding from similar research projects in the hope that these findings may contribute towards developing a wider picture that may lead towards improving working condition for dental nurses in the future.