Please help Ian complete the survey for his dissertation!

Please help Ian complete the survey for his dissertation! The deadline for completing the survey is 14 February.

My name is Ian Allen, and I am an undergraduate student in my final year BA(Hons) Business Management at University of Suffolk at East Coast College. I am writing to request the opportunity to obtain research from dental professionals using a questionnaire as a part of my undergraduate dissertation research project, which is focused on leadership styles within the dental profession and practice in relation to retention of staff.

I have chosen to pursue this research topic due to its importance and relevance in the field of Leadership styles in dental practices. The expertise and experience in Dental Practice leadership and recruitment of dental care professionals, as well as your contributions to the profession and leadership.

The purpose of this project is to gain insights into leadership style and, and I believe that your perspective would greatly enhance the depth and quality of my research.

I anticipate that the questionnaire should take no more than 10 minutes.

Your responses will be treated confidentially, and your details will not be disclosed in the final dissertation.

If you are available and willing to participate in this dissertation research, I would be most grateful. Your contribution to my research will be acknowledged with the utmost appreciation.

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If you could forward this to other colleagues the profession, I would be very grateful if you could forward this email to assist with my research. I would be really grateful if you could pass it on to them. It would help me immensely in gathering the data I need. Thank you for your time.

As a former dental nurse and miss the profession, I understand the importance of staff retention and motivation, which is why I decided to make this the topic of my dissertation.