Thunderclap for Mouth Cancer Action Month!

Social media is an easy way to say something, but it’s a difficult way to be heard.

Millions of messages are posted everyday so it’s easy for something to fall in the forest.

That’s why the Oral Health Foundation is asking for your help – to create a giant Thunderclap and help raise important awareness ahead of Mouth Cancer Action Month!

What is a thunderclap?

Quite simply, it’s one social media post that everybody can support. Sign up to a Thunderclap and then on a certain time and date that message will be posted on all the social media accounts of those people who have supported it.

How will it work?

A powerful Thunderclap message has been created to encourage others to be more active at self-examination…

“I am supporting #mouthcanceraction by pledging to be Mouthaware. A quick check could save my life from mouth cancer

You can support the Thunderclap any time before 01 November 2017. Then, at midday on the first day of Mouth Cancer Action Month, this message will be posted from your social media account.

Why a Thunderclap for mouth cancer?

Social media is an effective way for us to reach people with positive messages of mouth cancer awareness. By targeting online groups, outside of a healthcare setting, we can help educate and inspire those people who do not regularly access healthcare or speak to health professionals.

By posting our message at the same time, we can raise awareness of mouth cancer, increase the number of people who are acting on any unusual changes in their mouth, and ultimately saving lives through early detection.

How can you support it?

You can support the Thunderclap by visiting our campaign page: Thunderclap for Mouth Cancer Action

It is able to be shared on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr and can be supported until 01 November 2017.


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