The five things you need to make your Mouth Cancer Action Month event a huge success

Mouth Cancer Action Month is only a couple of weeks away. This vitally important campaign is your opportunity to build awareness of mouth cancer and help to stop the impact of this terrible disease by making sure people are aware of its signs, symptoms and causes.

Sadly, more than 7,500 people are diagnosed with mouth cancer a year in the United Kingdom. This has increased by around 40% in the last decade alone, yet general awareness of mouth cancer remains dangerously low. Only by coming together to spread extremely important messages on mouth cancer can we help limit its impact and stop more people suffering.

If you’re maybe planning on taking part in Mouth Cancer Action Month by holding an event and spreading awareness in your workplace but not quite sure where to start then have no fear we are here to give you a helping hand. Here are our five things you need to make sure your Mouth Cancer Action Month event a huge success:

  1. Campaign Pack: First things first, get hold of one of our Mouth Cancer Action Month campaign packs. It contains everything you need to kick start your campaign, including: balloons, blue ribbon badges, stickers, posters, blue lips, infobites and the all-important Blue Ribbon Appeal box. Turn your practice blue in heartbeat with our comprehensive campaign pack and start spreading the word on mouth cancer.

  2. Blue Ribbon Appeal Kit: Looking to raise funds to fight mouth cancer, the Blue Ribbon Appeal Kit is for you. Make sure you and your patients are spreading awareness beyond the practice walls by wearing a blue ribbon on your chest with pride. Each kit contains 25 badges and a collection box to display on your reception desk to help raise much vital donations. It would also be great to see each staff member at your practice wear one too.

  3. Posters: What better way to spread information when you don’t have the time to speak to everyone that displaying posters in your practice. Simply displaying our poster pack, self-examination and statistics poster in your waiting room means that your patients can make themselves Mouthaware. With the eye-catching variety available too, popping them in your window is a great way to get attention of passers-by and bring them into your practice.

  4. Knowledge: The key to a successful Mouth Cancer Action Month is being able to effectively spread knowledge on the signs, symptoms and causes of mouth cancer as far as possible. Make sure you leave your patients being more Mouthaware by giving them a leaflet making sure they know what to look out for. They will hopefully share this with their friends and family and ensure everyone is clued up on mouth cancer.

  5. Enthusiasm: Probably the most important thing on this list is your enthusiasm for raising awareness on the signs, symptoms and causes of mouth cancer. The only way we will be able to stop the suffering of thousands of mouth cancer patients in the future and limit the impact of the disease, is to come together as a dental community and spread vital messages. Being on the frontline of the healthcare world you have a vital role to play in helping the world be more Mouthaware.


If you haven’t decided to hold an event yet then there are many other ways you can get involved with Mouth Cancer Action Month 2017, whether you want to get involved online, help raise funds or help educate in workplaces or schools, inspiration on how you can get involved can be found at


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