4 September 2012

Pam, on behalf of BADN Past-Presidents,  I should like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued commitment and hard work within the Association over the past 20years.   Pam’s arrival at BADN was instrumental in sparking change. When she arrived at BADN, the Association was a small organisation which represented a very small number of the dental nursing profession  –  albeit run by a team of dedicated DNs, or DSAs as we were known then.

Pam, you recognised the need for change and began your hard work in making the Association a more professional organisation. You  have vast professional experience within organisations in various parts of world  including the Home Office in London, NATO  in Brussels and The Bank of Bermuda; this not only  gave you the knowledge, but also the drive and determination to take BADN forward and make it the very well respected professional organisation it is today.

So let’s acknowledge a few things that Pam has done (this is a short snippet, if I include everything we would be here all night) ……. the office and systems were updated to help make the business run more efficiently on a day-to-day basis, making communication with members more timely.

Along with Pat Harle and Paula Sleight, Pam was a key part in fighting for DNs to be included in the statutory registration of the dental team.  Prevailing opinion at the time was that DNs were NON-CLINICAL and so shouldn’t be included, which would have left us where Practice Managers are today.

On behalf of the association,  she developed relationships with other professional associations and organizations; these alliances raised BADN’s profile and ensured others in dentistry took notice of what DNs had to say which meant that we got the opportunity to have our voice heard and be included in key changes in the dental profession.

Pam took over as Editor of the British Dental Nurses’ Journal in 1994 and produces a very informative and professional journal which continues to keep DNs up to date with all that is going on in the dental profession today. She also writes on dental nursing issues in various other dental journals and magazines – Dental Practice, The Probe and the Tribune to name but a few.  She was also the final Registrar of the Voluntary National Register.

Pam also saw the need for the Association to offer members other benefits as well as professional support.  She has built a superb working relationship with Parliament Hill;  I remember the first meeting Pam and I had with Andrew at Starbucks in Liverpool Street Station! This relationship has seen many benefits for BADN members, which I must admit I have made use of on many occasions.

As a Past-President I can personally say just what close support Pam gave me during my term of office; the job was made much easier with her continued and very efficient work, and I know other Past Presidents feel the same. Here are some messages sent from Past Presidents:

Paula Sleight

“I am devastated I can’t be there, for Pam’s celebrations.  I would like to say, that Pam has not only helped change the culture and dynamics of BADN, but has also helped and supported every member of Council; in that we have all benefited immensely from the depth and breadth of her international expertise, and professionalism. She is also a fantastic friend.”

Elena Graham

“During my two years as President I found Pam to be the epitome of professionalism. She was always there to discuss and advise on many of the issues that arose. As someone who is not a Dental Professional her knowledge and understanding of dental matters involving the Association was second to none. I served on Council for many years and it was a pleasure to know Pam both as a colleague and as a friend. The Association is in good hands with
Pam as Chief Executive and I congratulate her on achieving 20 years of hard work in keeping us all on the right path.”

Barbara McRury MBE

“I was one of the panel when Pam  joined BADN.  We had ups and downs; lots of fun as well. It so good to see how she has taken the Dental Nurses to the present day.  Its been nine years since I retired but I keep up to date through reading The British Dental Nurses Journal.  I wish you well Pam – Congratulations.”

PAM,  a huge and very warm thank you for all your hard work over the past 20 years.  I and many others know that BADN would not be what it is today without you. It is an honour and a pleasure to be part of the celebrations today, and I do hope BADN are lucky enough to continue to have you steer us for many more years to come.

To a true Professional, and dear friend.

Many congratulations Pam!



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