Registrant views on CPD – GDC releases findings of survey

 The General Dental Council (GDC) has published the findings of its recent survey exploring
what registrants, stakeholders and providers think about mandatory Continuing Professional


Almost 6,000 registrants responded to the online survey which was carried out by ERS:
Research on behalf of the GDC as part of its wider review of CPD requirements.


Some of the key findings include:


. Online learning is generally the preferred learning style of over half of all GDC

. Dental Technicians find it least easy, compared to other registrant groups, to identify
the right CPD for them;

. 27% of all registrants have never had an appraisal in their current workplace;

. When compared to other registrant groups, Dental Nurses and Dental Technicians say
they find it less easy to be motivated to do CPD;

. 65% of all registrants generally do CPD outside of working hours;

. Time and cost are perceived as the greatest barriers to undertaking CPD;

. 85% of registrants feel they understand the GDC’s current CPD requirements;

. 26% of registrants want the GDC to be more prescriptive about CPD requirements in
the future.


The GDC introduced compulsory CPD for dentists in 2002 and for Dental Care Professionals
(DCPs) in 2008. The current requirements for both registrant categories have been in place
since 2008 and the GDC felt the time was right to undertake a review.


The full survey can be found here.


The findings of the survey will feed into the on-going review of CPD. Throughout 2012 work
will continue with an event for stakeholders in April, development of a CPD model, extensive
stakeholder engagement and public consultation. All the details will be available on the GDC’s


Any new CPD requirements will not be introduced before 2013.


As registered dental professionals, all registrants have a duty to keep their skills and
knowledge up to date so they can give patients the best possible treatment and care. Any
changes to the GDC’s CPD scheme will have an impact on registrants in the future so they
are being encouraged to have their as the review continues.


General comments about CPD can be sent to


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