Problems with e-GDC and ARF payments

Several BADN members have reported problems logging into the e-GDC page to record their CPD.  The GDC have advised BADN that changes have been made to e-GDC recently and registrants who have not logged in for some time may experience difficulties.  They advise signing up again as a new user, which should then take you to your page.  You will need your registration number and the ID verification number sent to you recently by the GDC.

They also advise that in order to record CPD on e-GDC you will require the most recent version of Java Script on your computer and a minimum of Internet Explorer 8.

There have also been problems with Direct Debit payments of the Annual Retention Fee, with some members reporting that payment was debited from their bank accounts and then re-credited.  Others report that payment was not taken on the usual date.

The GDC have advised BADN that there was an error with the BACS system – payments were debited from registrants’ bank accounts and then re-credited due to coding problems with BACS.  Payment was then taken on or around 9 July 2013.  An e-mail was sent to all registrants for whom the GDC has a current e-mail address advising of these problems.

If you have a Direct Debit payment set up to pay your ARF and payment has not been taken, please contact the GDC ARF helpline on 0800 1777 965 as soon as possible to ensure that your payment is made in time and you are not removed from the Register for non-payment.  Registrants who do not pay by Direct Debit may pay their ARF by calling 0800 197 4610.  Again, you will need your GDC registration number and your ID verification number.

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