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2016 BADN Outstanding Contribution to Dental Nursing Award winner, Pam Daley (centre) with BDA President Stuart Johnston and BADN President Jane Dalgarno (Photography: Jonathan Cole)


BADN is delighted to announce that the recipient of this year’s Award is RAF Warrant Officer Pam Daley.

Pam joined the Royal Air Force (RAF) in 1986 and trained at the Institute for Dental Health and Training at RAF Halton, Buckinghamshire before her first assignment to RAF Cranwell, Lincolnshire.  She has lived and worked in various locations including; Falkand Islands, Germany, Hong Kong and Cyprus along with many units within the UK.

Her dental career has seen her as a clinical dental nurse, practice manager, regional practice manager and Head of Dental Nurse training for Defence .  She also founded, and was the first Secretary of, the BADN Armed Forces Group.

Pam has also held posts outside of the RAF Dental Branch; as an instructor delivering Leadership and Management training for Airmen on their RAF career promotion courses and as the Warrant Officer in the Defence Centre for Training Support where she assisted in documentation management and delivery to Defence Instructors.  She has her Certificate in Education along with numerous ‘soft skill’ qualifications.

In 2010 she was appointed as a NEBDN examiner and became a Trustee in 2015.  Pam has been a presiding examiner for the Board and is also a member of the NEBDN Quality Assurance committee.

Pam is currently a Warrant Offcer in the RAF and is the lead dental nurse of the RAF, looking after the welfare and careers of all RAF dental nurses.

Pam was nominated by dental nurse colleague Amanda Knight, who said:

“Pam Daley clearly meets the criteria for the BADN Outstanding Contribution to Dental Nursing Award, and I wish to nominate Pam for consideration by the BADN Executive Committee for the 2016 award.

For 29 years she has made a significant contribution to dental nursing, above and beyond any paid remuneration for her service as an Armed Forces Dental Nurse, both within the Royal Air Force and wider Defence Dental Services, as well as more broadly on a national level.

Pam trained as a DN with the Royal Air Force in 1986 and was amongst the first to become registered in 2006 when GDC registration became mandated.  Over the period of her years within the dental nurse profession, the impact of Pam’s contribution has been considerable.

Pam has worked in a variety of roles, working chair-side, in Practice management, in policy roles ensuring compliance with clinical standards, and also in training and education.   Her vast experience demonstrates has driven Pam’s commitment to the development of dental nurses and the dental nursing profession, and she has been directly responsible for improving the employment conditions of dental nurses, within the Royal Air Force and the Defence Dental Services.

Throughout her career, Pam has been wholly committed to continuous professional development, recognising this as an essential feature in the role of a DCP and is a true believer that this is critical to ensure the successful progression of dental nursing as a respected and valued profession.  Pam has been involved in the development, delivery and quality assurance of dental nurse training and the continued professional development of other colleagues within the dental workforce, through her involvement with the educational programmes which provide essential vocational professional training and qualification which contribute to achieving and maintaining the highest standards of patient care.

She has undisputed loyalty to her service, and the Royal Air Force has reaped the rewards of such a committed team player.  She has combined her own enthusiasm for dental nursing, using a distinctive and compelling style of leadership, and thorough understanding of training and development, for the betterment and enhancement of junior dental nurses and her peers.

Selflessly, Pam has also extended her contribution to the profession to ensure the development of dental nurse colleagues from the other Armed Forces too. Importantly, at a time when the Armed Forces had not sought recognition or contributed beyond the confines of their organisations, Pam was able to see the benefits of pursuing a more outward facing agenda. It was as a result of Pam’s persistence and unique networking abilities the Armed Forces forged links at national level and through those connections the Armed Forces Group of BADN was established.

Using her success with the Armed Forces Group of BADN as a platform, Pam went on to contribute to the training and examination of the wider Dental Nurse community at national level and became an examiner for the National Examining Board for Dental Nurses.  Pam was also keen to commit to improving the standards of her fellow examiners, and she also took on the role of Presiding Examiner, putting her legendary organisational skills to proper use in the on-going Continuous Professional Development of others.

More recently Pam has made a further contribution to the education of dental nurses as a significant contributor to the NEBDN Quality Assurance Committee, focusing on resolving issues and challenges experienced with and by training Course Providers.  Pam has also been the Quality Assurance representative on the Qualifications Ratification Group, where she, along with the Quality Assurance lead and NEBDN  auditors has worked on the ratification of outcomes of the auditors sampling activity for each qualification that NEBDN offer.  Also at this time Pam has been involved, with her fellow Quality Assurance committee members, in the review and amendment of the NEBDN QA documentation resulting in the resent update the NEBDN Standards document.

Most recently in October 2015 Pam was been appointed to the Board of Trustees within NEBDN, where she continues to work tirelessly for the on-going development of dental nurse education and the profession as a whole.

Pam, mother of two, full-time Service woman is both an inspiration and a role model to her colleagues, peers and particularly those entering newly into the profession of Dental Nursing. Pam is a good example of what can be achieved by those who work selflessly and determinedly within this profession.”