NDNC 2017 – Presidential Handover Speech by Jane Dalgarno

Presidential Handover Speech

Good morning Ladies and Gentleman and welcome to the 2017 National Dental Nursing Conference. It is good to see you all and I trust you will have an enjoyable couple of days. I find it hard to believe how quickly 2 years has passed and I am soon to become Immediate Past President and take on the role of Chair following this afternoon’s AGM. It has been an enormous privilege to have served you all and I am delighted that our membership has increased by 60% during my term of office. Although I make reference to ‘my term of office’ I recognise that there are a number of people that have given me insurmountable support during this time and continue to do so.

Firstly, I would like to say a big thank you to Pam, our Chief Executive, and to BADN staff, Shirley and Val, and our latest recruit Adam. I would like to take this opportunity to recognise your dedication in ensuring the day to day running of the Association has been efficient and has met the demands of our members. I know at times this proved challenging particularly with the recent increase in membership.

Likewise, I would like to say thank you to Debbie Reed, our former chair, and all that sit on our ‘newly’ formed Executive Committee, at driving forward the strategic position of the Association. As some of you may recall, I was keen, during my term, to ensure that the ‘working dental nurse’ had adequate and appropriate support in the workplace and at each stage of their career. Although, I recognise, there is still more work to do, I am delighted that the BADN has made progress by developing an educational strategy that recognises the differing levels of support required at each stage of an individual’s career. We are keen that more dental nurses are involved in shaping the future of the profession and have a direct involvement, where appropriate, in academia and research.

The Association now has a ‘Panel of Representatives’, those individuals deemed ‘expert’ in a particular field that can provide guidance to the Executive Committee. In addition the Executive Committee are currently engaged in a Membership Engagement Review, which includes an audit of other DCP associations and what they offer their members.  This will lead in 2018 to a Membership Engagement Plan.

For those of you here that are members and access the quarterly journal, you will be aware of some of the events, meetings and projects I have been involved with.

I have been delighted to have chaired the Dental Nurses’ Forum at the Dentistry Show and have presented at a number of other events on skill mix and mentoring. I am thrilled that the BADN remains the association of choice at such events.

At every opportunity, I have sought to raise the profile of the dental nurse, and believe more than ever a collaborative approach is required in moving the profession forward.

With this approach in mind, I worked closely with the GDC on a number of their initiatives, the Inter Professional Advisory Group, the Regulation of Dental Services Programme Board who also seek a more collaborative partnership between the CQC, GDC and NHS England, with the aim of a single shared view of quality. I have worked with NHS England and their review of the NHS 111 workforce and Health Education England discussing the future dental workforce. More recently, I was invited to participate in a multi stakeholder group exploring some of the issues  around dental presentations to the emergency departments in England.

In each of these initiatives, I was thrilled to see the prominence of the dental nurse feature and how their role will be utilised more in both the future dental workforce and in patient triage. This continues to be an exciting time for the dental nursing profession and I know Hazel will be well placed in taking these initiatives forward. I would like to take this opportunity in wishing Hazel all the very best in her Presidential term.

To finish this part of the proceedings and before Hazel speaks, I would like to recognise, in greater detail, an individual that has worked tirelessly for the dental nursing profession. If I could ask you all to cast your mind back to August 1992. I was moving into my first house that very month and was a year away from becoming a qualified dental nurse. However, enough about me. August 1992 was significant for a very different reason. Pam Swain joined the BADN as our Chief Executive, would you believe, 25 years ago.  During this time she has seen a number of significant changes within the dental nursing profession, namely, statutory registration. However, Pam has had a varying career before BADN – working as a student/au pair in Vienna, working briefly for the Home Office in London before moving onto Brussels to work in a number of Multi-National Enterprises and at NATO, and then to investment banking in Bermuda. As well as our CEO, Pam is Editor of the British Dental Nurses’ Journal and a regular contributor to many dental journals. Pam is also a Fellow of the Institute of Association Management and a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute, was awarded the City & Guilds Licentiate in Management in 2005 and a Masters in Business Administration in 2007. She is also past President of the Soroptomist International Blackpool & District. In 2012, Pam was awarded the Outstanding Achievement Award at the Dental Awards and in the same year the BADN Outstanding Contribution to Dental Nursing Award. Although I am very tempted to say ‘Pam Swain’ this is your life, instead I would like on behalf of the association to say a huge congratulations on this milestone and invite our former Chair Debbie Reed to present Pam, on behalf of the University of Kent, with a well-deserved bouquet of flowers. If I can ask you all to show your appreciation please.

~ Ends ~

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