7 July 2014

BADN warn members that the General Dental Council are proposing a  rise in the Annual Retention Fee

On  30 June 2014, the General Dental Council put out a consultation which looks at a proposal to raise the annual retention fee (ARF). This was accompanied by a statement which outlines the reasoning behind this decision.

This consultation is about the level of the Annual Retention Fee (ARF) that we intend to charge registrants in 2015.

The current fee level for [Dental Nurses] DCPs is £120. We have not increased the ARF for 4 years.

 Since 2010 when we last increased the ARF there has been a 110% increase in the number of complaints from patients and members of the public, employers, other registrants and the police about GDC registrants. As a result, we need additional funds to investigate these complaints and where necessary to bring Fitness to Practise cases involving dentists and DCPs. If we do not have sufficient funds to bring these cases we would fail in our duty to protect patients and the public. This would also mean that the public would lose confidence in dental professionals.

 In total we estimate we will need to collect an extra £18.0 million in fee income to allow us to deal with the extra volume of complaints and Fitness to Practise hearings that we anticipate in 2014 and 2015. This will be collected partly in 2015, with the balance in 2016 as set out in Table 6, later in this document. This means that the ARF level for … [Dental Nurses] DCPs will increase to £128, a … 6.7% increase. This fee is deductible for the purposes of income tax, for all UK-based registrants”.

General Dental Council, 2014-07-07

Further details on how the fee has been calculated are available within the consultation document.  BADN urges all its members to complete the consultation; we need to be heard as the voice of many.  The consultation is available here