How to make a claim

BADN Indemnity Insurance – What to do to make a Claim.

If a patient alleges that they have suffered personal harm as a direct result of your actions in the course of performing your duties as a dental nurse, this could lead to a claim against you for compensation. If you become aware of such a situation, even if the patient has not yet formally made a claim, advise your insurance provider immediately. It may be that you are aware of a situation where the patient could consider your actions have led to them suffering personal harm – you should still tell your insurers, just in case this later becomes a formal claim. You must make this notification to your insurer immediately you become aware of it – you must not wait until your policy renews, nor should you wait until the possible claim escalates into legal proceedings. Insurers could then avoid the claim due to late notification.  You must not engage in discussion with the possible claimant or their representatives until you have notified your insurers and they have advised you as to how to proceed. Otherwise, insurers could avoid the claim due to your having prejudiced their position. All notifications must be in writing, by email, to

  • If a situation      occurs in the conduct of your duties, that possibly could lead to a claim      against you, for personal harm experienced by a patient, you must tell      your insurers as quickly as possible.
  • You should notify      them in writing, providing as much information about the circumstances,      names of all parties involved, times, dates, location etc. An email is      classed as written notification. In the first instance you should notify      Trafalgar Risk Management by email to      Trafalgar will pass the information to your insurer, W R Berkley, who may      then communicate directly with you.
  • If you wish to make      a claim under your Legal Expenses policy, due to allegations regarding      your fitness to practice (not directly connected to a malpractice claim      under your Indemnity policy), that may be brought before the GDC, you      should again in the first instance send written details of the full      circumstances to Trafalgar, by email to      Trafalgar will pass this information to your insurers, Abbey Legal      Protection, who may then contact you direct. Again, as with the indemnity      insurance, you must contact insurers a soon as you become aware of any      situation that could possibly lead to a claim.
  • Neither of your      BADN insurance policies cover employment matters or disputes.