GDC Student Fitness to Practise Consultation

Student Dental Nurses:  we have received the statement below from the GDC –  please click on the link near the bottom of the page to answer the questionnaire.  Please also pass this on to any student dental nurse colleagues and classmates:

“The GDC would like to hear what students think about our new student fitness to practise guidance

The General Dental Council (GDC) is the organisation that you need to register with once you start work and we would like to hear from as many students as possible about what you think about our new student fitness to practise guidance.

The GDC Student Fitness to Practise Guidance was published in 2010.

This was published before Standards for the Dental Team was launched so we are now updating it.  The guidance sets out the standards expected of dental students during training and provides guidance on what to do when things don’t go to plan. It is a key part of ensuring patient safety during training and preparing students for the professional standards required of them once they are registered dental professionals.

This spring we asked students what they thought about the current guidance and what you wanted to see in the new publication.  Thank you to all of you that responded – you gave us some very helpful feedback which we have used in the new guidance.

How did we use your feedback?

  • We have created a separate booklet just for students.  This contains information on why student fitness to practise is important for patients and students, the standards expected of you during training, the help and support available, how the student fitness to practise process works  and what information you would need to tell the GDC  when you apply for registration.
  • We also asked you about the best ways to communicate and engage with students in preparation for becoming registrants with us. As a result we will be developing some student fitness to practise support materials for students on our website and improving our student webpages.

Tell us what you think about our new guidance

We would like to test the new guidance with students and ask what you think about the content – does it work for students?  The questionnaire is confidential and we will take on board the feedback you provide to refine the guidance. The questionnaire is open until Monday 23 November 2015. 

We also plan to do some further work on the presentation and then publish it in the new year.

Please follow this link to the questionnaire:

Thank you for your interest.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Sarah Crossfield at the GDC Email “