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Hazel works for the Oxford Deanery Dental School, as DCP Development Tutor, which has recently come under the umbrella of Health Education England. She teaches an Apprenticeship course for dental nurses. Her real love is in Oral Health Education and she was Senior Oral Health Promoter in Buckinghamshire for some years, and she also worked for Aylesbury College of FE., teaching dental nurses. She has been an NEBDN Examiner since 1994, and is on the NEBDN Committee for Oral Health Education, where twice a year she helps to run this exam. She is also DCP Tutor for Milton Keynes where she arranges CPD courses for the dental team.  Hazel’s own CPD includes obtaining her FAETC, Certificate of Education and a BA (Hons) in Post Compulsory Education.

Tell us about your early life……

Grew up in Oxfordshire, on a smallholding with animals.

What jobs did you do before you   became a dental nurse?

Was a full time Mum until I took a part-time dental nurse job.

What education/training did you do?

Went to a Girls Grammar School. and later in life took a degree in education as I was teaching dental nurses at an F.E College.

What about CPD?

I have obtained the Further and Adult Education Teaching Certificate, Certificate in Education and a BA(Hons) in Post Compulsory Education.

What jobs have you had in dental nursing?

Worked as a dental nurse in a small village until I went to RAF Halton to work in perio research,and then worked in the Community as a senior Oral Health Promoter for many years in Buckinghamshire.

What posts have you held with BADN?

I have been a member of the BADN Council for 3 years, and an Examiner for NEBDN for over 20 years, as well as being on the OHE Committee for 6 years.

Where do you live now and with whom?

I live with my Husband of many years, Ray. We have 4 Grand children, ages, 7-15!

What about hobbies?

Spend a lot of time looking after my elderly Mother (90)! Having holidays in Cornwall, where 1 of our sons’ lives, and taking the grandchildren there to surf.

Tell us five things about yourself that most people probably don’t know

I like going to explore new places.

I have a large rocking horse.

I have had tea with the Queen.

I have been on stage with David Copperfield.

I have sung on the Queen Victoria (in a choir).

Personal philosophy?

Life is too short, try to be happy, and love the countryside.






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