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18 June 2014

Following a request from BADN, the GDC are now providing printer-friendly versions of the Standards document:

Standards for the Dental Team – Printer friendly, colour

Standards for the Dental Team – Printer friendly, black and white

The normal version is also available. along with Standards posters:

Standards for the Dental Team

GDC Standards Poster Welsh

GDC Standards Poster

As are the other GDC guidance documents:

Guidance on advertising (Sept 2013)

Guidance on commissioning and manufacturing dental appliances (Sept 2013)

Guidance on indemnity (Sept 2013) Guidance on reporting criminal convictions (Sept 2013)

Guidance on using social media (Sept 2013) Guidance Sheet

Guidance on Prescribing Medicines September 2013 v2

as well as the Scope of Practice document and CPD booklet:

Scope of Practice September 2013 (3)

GDC CPD booklet