FGDP Launches Updated Clinical Examination and Record-Keeping Guidelines

1 June 2016

FGDP(UK) launches updated Clinical Examination and Record-Keeping guidelines
The Faculty of General Dental Practice (UK) launched the 3rd edition of its authoritative publication Clinical Examination and Record-Keeping at the BDA Conference on Friday 27th May. This is the first update to the guidelines since 2009.

The new edition introduces a categorisation structure for recommendations, whereby an A grade recommendation is aspirational and not considered essential to good patient care, B is a basic requirement, and C is conditional upon circumstances. Through this new system the Faculty hopes to introduce greater clarity for all stakeholders.

Electronic record-keeping receives greater consideration in the new edition, reflecting the shift in record-keeping practice in recent years. Also included is revised guidance on batch numbers, and an expanded range of appendices and sample documents.

Dr Andy Hadden, a dento-legal adviser and general dental practitioner, led the team updating the guidelines, in a process that took approximately 18 months. The draft text was reviewed by a wide range of organisations, from the BDA and indemnifiers, to membership associations and academics. The feedback received was invaluable in enabling the Faculty to hone the guidelines in the pursuit of usability, accuracy and clarity.

The definitive version of Clinical Examination and Record-Keeping will be freely available at as a part of the Open Standards Initiative. The book version is now available for purchase, and an e-book will be available shortly.

FGDP(UK) Dean, Dr Mick Horton said  “In recent years the Faculty has heard complaints from practitioners that our previous editions of these guidelines have been misinterpreted; that aspirational guidance has been interpreted as essential requirements. Consequently, when we commenced the process of revising the guidance, the FGDP(UK) took the decision to explicitly make a distinction between essential/baseline practice, and aspirational/gold-standard practice. This latest edition is the end product of that process.

The Faculty of General Dental Practice (UK) hopes that this new edition of Clinical Examination and Record-Keeping will provide much-needed clarity to clinicians and all other stakeholders within the profession. We share a common goal of ensuring that patients receive the care they need no matter who is treating them at any moment in time. Working together, we can refine and enhance this guidance in the coming years and ensure that it continues to meet the needs of the profession and patients.”