Employee Engagement and Dental Nurses Survey


Now that Employee Engagement has become a global “hot topic”, perhaps we in Dental Nursing should understand it a little bit more.  After all, we read about people in all walks of life not being engaged with their work, their company or their dental practice.

There is lots of research that ties engagement directly to positive results in developing people, allowing people to enjoy their work much more, retaining staff, improving patient and customer satisfaction, safety and yes, financial results.

Surveys in Britain suggest that less than 30% of all workers are really engaged in their work, with the remainder being either sufficiently engaged to do their job or actively disengaged.

At the BADN, we are confident that all of you are actively engaged in doing your very best for yourself, your team and your practice. We have therefore decided to conduct a survey in the first quarter of 2017, to understand what your expectations, needs, priorities, aspirations and motivations are, and equally, what your practice owners and managers need to be doing to help you engage even more.

For example, one dental nurse may give a high level of importance to career advancement while another dental nurse may not care about it at all. A second dental nurse may instead give great importance to flexible work hours or work-life balance.

Equally there may be a gap between the dental nurse’s expectations and the behaviours she/he demonstrates.  Examples of typical gaps between expectations and motivations or attitudes include employees who:

  • want career advancement but hesitate to take on the challenges related to such advancement
  • give high importance to career development but hesitate to embrace the self-improvement that would be necessary
  • desire higher pay but lack the self-motivation necessary to earn it
  • want social opportunities from the workplace but may be so introverted that such opportunities are hindered

Armed with the results of this survey, we will be able to work with dental nurses, practice owners, managers, and training providers to create workplace and training opportunities that are more aligned with your needs, expectations and motivators.

We will be working with Sim Goldblum of The Dentistry Business – practice management consultants and educators – to help us with this survey and we will keep you informed as the project develops.