#Dentistry24 – BADN President Support Statement

As a part of our continuous support towards the dental nurses, we wish to join the current campaign ‘’#dentistry24’’ to celebrate the work of all the dental professions but specifically, dental nurses.

On this day, 24th May 2018, Executive Committee, the BADN staff, and I would like to express our deepest gratitude to all of you who, on a daily basis show us that there is more to your profession than just doing your job!

Over the years we’ve seen the world of dentistry grow with technological advancements. We had to adapt, learn, develop and improve ourselves in order to provide the best oral healthcare to those in need. Many of you encountered obstacles in your professional careers but you’re still here, standing strong and continue to outperform because of the passion that you have!

We have met many dental professionals – some of whom are, and some of whom aren’t our members. I cannot express enough how great it is to see you all sharing your experiences with others, helping each other and working together as one, to provide the best oral healthcare one can hope to receive.

To all the dental nurses working tirelessly to ensure patients are taken care of, dental nurses who voluntarily devote their time to help others and those dental nurses and professionals who leave their homes to travel to other countries for those in need of oral health care, THANK YOU! These actions show the passion you all share to be a dental nurse and take part in shaping today’s world of dentistry for better!

On behalf of all of us at the British Association of Dental Nurses, I would like to wish every individual all the success in your professional dental careers!

Hazel Coey
BADN President 2017 – 2019

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