12 September 2013


Leicester based dental nurse struck off by GDC

A dental nurse has been struck off by the General Dental Council (GDC) following a public hearing, at which she was neither present nor represented, for misleading and dishonest behaviour.  The allegations against Sarah Anne Mickleburgh (Registration No. 142137) were heard by the GDC’s Professional Conduct Committee.

The charges she faced included:

• Providing a certificate purporting to be from Leicestershire and Rutland Healthcare NHS Trust (“the Trust”) certifying that she had successfully completed basic life support training at the Alfred Hill Centre in November 2011.

• The Certificate was inaccurate in that she had not competed basic life support training with the Trust at the Alfred Hill Centre during November 2011.

• Not responding to requests by the General Dental Council to provide evidence of appropriate professional indemnity cover.

The Committee found:

 “Her breaches put patients at risk of serious harm. Ms Mickleburgh’s actions were  dishonest, misleading her employer that she had a current basic life support  certificate. This itself could have impacted upon patient safety and also put her  employers at risk. Ms Mickleburgh’s actions were deliberate in that she set out to  create and submit a false document, which purported to show that she had up to  date basic life support training.

Further, Ms Mickleburgh’s failure to co-operate with her regulator by failing to clarify  her indemnity cover position was completely unacceptable.”

Unless Ms Mickleburgh, who was immediately suspended, exercises her right of appeal, her name will be removed from the register in 28 days’ time.