Debbie Reed at The Dentistry Show 2017

Among the renowned speakers will be Debbie Reed. Debbie was the Chair of the BADN Executive Committee from 2015-2017 and initiated the development of the association’s educational strategy. She is the Academic Head of the University of Kent’s Centre for Professional Practice; a trans-disciplinary academic centre founded on the belief that employers can benefit from research and quality teaching to creative a positive future. Debbie teaches, publishes and speaks on the professionalism agenda, highlighting the contribution of dental care professionals (DCPs) among the dental workforce.

At The Dentistry Show this May, Debbie will be presenting a session entitled “Evolving from novice to expert practice for dental nurses”. She says:

“There really has been no better time to be a dental nurse than today, particularly for those who are focused on a long and rewarding career. There are already so many opportunities for dental nurses to extend their skills. For a start, there is a wide range of education and training available, from mentorship guidance to stand-alone presentations and lectures, single day CPD courses, post-registration vocational and teaching qualifications, as well as academic programmes such as Foundation Degrees and post-graduate awards. These opportunities have the potential to benefit dental nurses by expanding their knowledge and skill sets and introducing them to new possibilities, with increased clinical activity and new chances to develop academic expertise.

“By exploring, examining and promoting what dental nurses can do, we can increase understanding of the value of their role among every dental team. Properly utilising the dental nurse’s skills enables patients to gain a better appreciation for the important contribution that dental nurses make as part of the dental workforce as well, adding to patients’ overall oral health and well-being.”

During her session, Debbie will consider the next stages in professionalisation for dental nurses. She will present key principles of occupational professionalism, while also summarising the most recent research related to dental nurse and DCP workforce planning. Debbie continues:

“I hope that my lecture encourages dental nurses to think imaginatively about the opportunities that are emerging within the profession, including roles in practice and those beyond that offer huge and extended career potential. The possibilities currently available to dental nurses are vast, with many new opportunities on the horizon that promise an even brighter and more exciting future.”

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