Corporate Affiliates


The more savvy dental trade companies know that, whilst s/he may not sign the cheques, a dental nurse can significantly influence the decision to buy or not to buy; or even which of two rival brands to buy. A BADN® survey in 2004, sponsored by 3M Espe, revealed that over a third of dental nurses surveyed had responsibility for inventory and ordering of stock/equipment, and another third for practice health & safety. A further survey in 2010, sponsored by the British Dental Trade Association,  showed that 49% had authority to purchase equipment and 56% authority to purchase consumables for the practice. It’s not so much the name on the cheque which matters, as the name of the person who makes/influences the decision to purchase!

So, if you’re a dynamic dental trade company who realises the value of the dental nurse, and would like to join the BADN Corporate Affiliate Scheme, click here for a CA Application Pack May 2011 and CA Application Form, or contact Katie on 01253 338364.

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