The GDC has published an advice sheet on Quality Controls for Verifiable CPD – this is advice only and does not change the current CPD requirements for dental professionals.  The GDC has no legal power to quality assure CPD in dentistry and the purpose of the advice is to provide suggestions about forms of quality control and emphasise that they should be present at all stages of CPD provision.  The advice is not exhaustive – it will be of interest to dental professionals and those who design, deliver and commission CPD in dentistry.    Advice Sheet on CPD Quality Controls

The advice sheet is a fuller version of the existing GDC advice on quality of CPD which was published under CPD FAQs on their website in September 2013  This FAQ page has been updated by adding a new Q&A relating to documentary evidence for verifiable CPD.

All information about the GDC’s requirements for Continuing Professional Development can be found at