10 May 2016

BSP launches Gum Health Awareness Day: 12 May 2016

‘If left untreated, gum disease will wipe the smile off your face’

BSP President Phil Ower with a "mouthie" card

BSP President Phil Ower with a “mouthie” card

On Thursday 12 May this year, for the first time in its 67-year history, the British Society of Periodontology is taking the bold step of launching an innovative UK-wide campaign to raise awareness of gum disease and its far-reaching impact on general health.

“As gum disease is a serious public health issue, affecting the quality of life of over half the population, we felt it was time to shout a little louder” explained BSP President Dr Phil Ower. “We have been met with fantastic support from a variety of organisations including Public Health England, British Association of Dental Nurses, British Society of Dental Hygienists and Therapists and our strategic partners who are backing us unreservedly.”

The BSP is using the power of social media and some eye-opening face cards to show how you could look with gum disease – providing a fun way to draw attention to gum health. A selection of cards is available and being distributed via dental practices, pubs, universities and an event at London’s Westfield Centre this Thursday. They can also be requested by post via the campaign website:  Dental nurses are invited to send selfies of themselves with a mouth card to BADN for publication on our website and/or in the BDNJ.

To download flyers promoting Gum Health Awareness Day, please click  A5 flyer BSP campaignA1 flyer x 4 or BSP single campaign slide

The proposed campaign is a new departure for the BSP as it is aimed at the whole country – primarily the public, but health and dental professionals too. The message of the campaign is ‘If left untreated, gum disease will wipe the smile off your face’.

There are several aims for the campaign, which will kick-start on 12 May 2016, European Gum Health Awareness Day, and will continue for a few weeks afterwards:

  • To raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of gum disease
  • To jolt people into realising that gum disease should not be ignored
  • To drive action and encourage people to see a dental professional to have their gum health checked and improve their gum health
  • To encourage people to participate in the campaign and help spread our message

The ultimate aim is to encourage people to visit their dentist if they suspect they may have any of the symptoms of gum disease and to visit the campaign website: for more information.

This initiative is part of the European Federation of Periodontology’s campaign to raise awareness across Europe.