British Orthodontic Society

23 April 2017

Statement from BOS to support WFO’s inaugural World Orthodontic Health Day

News that the World Federation of Orthodontists has created an annual World Orthodontic Health Day has been welcomed by the British
Orthodontic Society. The date chosen for the first worldwide celebration is 15 May because this is the anniversary of the formation of the WFO in
1995. – read more

17 November 2016

Against the Odds awards

“I’m not afraid of the way I look any more”, says winner in orthodontic award. The life-changing impact of orthodontics on a 15-year-old girl who was victimised and called Bugs Bunny at school is being celebrated in the British Orthodontic Society’s Against the Odds award which is held annually to find the best story of specialist treatment submitted by a patient. – read more


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