12 October 2018

Charity calls for your support ahead of Mouth Cancer Action Month 2018

During November, the charity is looking for your help to get more mouth cancers diagnosed at an early stage by educating the public on the risk factors, signs and symptoms associated with the disease. – read more

26 June 2018

Fluoride added to water supplies confirmed as SAFE, according to landmark research

Local authorities from across the United Kingdom should add fluoride to water supplies, following new research confirms it has no negative effects. That is the message from the Oral Health Foundation, which is calling for the introduction of widespread community fluoridation schemes, a move they believe will help protect millions of Brits from tooth decay. – read more

17 June 2018

‘Decision to finally offer boys a HPV vaccination is one which will save many lives’: Declares charity

The decision to offer boys a vaccination against the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) by the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI), announced today by Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt, has been hailed by leading health charity, the Oral Health Foundation, as a decision which will save thousands of lives every year. – read more

10 May 2018

A symphony of sunshine and smiles as charity launches National Smile Month 2018

The British Academy welcomed the Oral Health Foundation earlier this week [08 May 2018] by hosting the launch of this year’s National Smile Month – and, being held in their famous Music Room, the charity campaign is expected to hit all the right notes. – read more

01 May 2018

Nominate a smile: Give someone the recognition they deserve!

Every year, as part of National Smile Month, campaign organisers the Oral Health Foundation bring you the opportunity to give someone special in your life the recognition they deserve. – read more

10 April 2018

National Smile Month 2018 is set to put a smile on your face

This year, the UK’s largest and longest running oral health campaign takes place between 14 May and 14 June, aiming to increase awareness of important oral health issues and make a significant difference to the well-being of millions of people. – read more

13 March 2018

The questions you need to ask about smoking and your oral health

This Wednesday is No Smoking Day 2018, dedicated to helping smokers give up for good. The impact on your oral health that smoking has is not something which many people consider as one of the main reasons to quit smoking. – read more

26 February 2018

The definitive guide to illegal tooth whitening

Tooth whitening has quickly become an incredibly popular cosmetic procedure for many Brits looking for a brighter smile. Around one in six Brits now say they have had their teeth whitened and the industry is annually worth an estimated £ more

15 February 2018

National Smile Month 2018 is set to put a smile on your face

Leading charity, the Oral Health Foundation, is delighted to announce the return of National Smile Month for 2018, with the campaign promising to bring with it a summer time of smiles. – read more

8 January 2018

Poor oral health increases risks of frailty in older men

ORAL HEALTH PROBLEMS such as gum disease and tooth loss have been linked to frailty in older British men, a new study has revealed. Researchers observed more than 1,000 men over a three-year period and found those with poor oral health were more likely to suffer from weight loss, exhaustion, gripping ability, a reduction in walking speed and low physical activity. – read more

14 December 2017

New initiative launched to tackle awareness of HPV diseases in men

A NEW CAMPAIGN has been launched today to address the pressing need for greater awareness about the human papillomavirus (HPV) and its potential impact on millions of men and boys in the United Kingdom every year. – read more

1 December 2017

OHF collaborates with Dentaid, BADN and Horizon in Providing Oral Health Care for People in Recovery in Blackpool

The “All I Want for Christmas” Day in Blackpool last month was a huge success – All I want for Christmas

13 December 2017

Oral Health Foundation appoints new President

The UK’s leading oral health charity, the Oral Health Foundation, have inaugurated Professor Liz Kay MBE as their new President. – read more

31 October 2017

Get involved in Blue Wednesday to help raise awareness of mouth cancer

With Mouth Cancer Action Month set to kick-off next week, campaign organiser the Oral Health Foundation is urging all dental professionals to turn blue on Wednesday 15 November and show their support for mouth cancer. – read more

23 October 2017

The five things you need to make your Mouth Cancer Action Month event a huge success

Mouth Cancer Action Month is only a couple of weeks away. This vitally important campaign is your opportunity to build awareness of mouth cancer and help to stop the impact of this terrible disease by making sure people are aware of its signs, symptoms and causes. – read more

12 October 2017

Thunderclap for Mouth Cancer Action Month!

Social media is an easy way to say something, but it’s a difficult way to be heard. Millions of messages are posted everyday so it’s easy for something to fall in the forest. That’s why the Oral Health Foundation is asking for your help – to create a giant Thunderclap and help raise important awareness ahead of Mouth Cancer Action Month! – read more

29 September 2017

Get involved and make a difference during Mouth Cancer Action Month

As you are probably aware, Wednesday 1 November 2017 sees the launch of Mouth Cancer Action Month 2017, your annual opportunity to spread vital awareness about the signs, symptoms and causes of mouth cancer, and to make a difference. – read more

1 September 2017

The Great British cake-off: UK’s top ‘sweet-tooth’ cities revealed

WITH THE GREAT BRITISH BAKE OFF back on our television screens, one leading charity has investigated where in the United Kingdom is most likely to reach for a roulade and which places are saying no to a gateau. – read more

6 June 2017

Charity says emotional goodbye to long serving Director of Operations

The UK’s leading oral health charity, the Oral Health Foundation, has said an emotional goodbye to their long serving Director of Operations Sharon Broom, who is leaving the charity after 17 years’ loyal service. – read more