25 April 2017

National Smile Month 2017 – Helping achieve better oral health for all

National Smile Month is back and all set to help put a smile on your face this summer. Now into its fifth decade the UK’s largest oral health campaign is bigger and better than ever as it aims to spread awareness of the importance of a health mouth to more people across the country. – read more

31 March 2017

To see the National Smile Month 2017 brochure, please click National Smile Month Brochure

3 February 2017

‘Inadequate, unfair and discriminatory HPV vaccination programme is putting millions of lives at risk’ – says charity

  • UK HPV vaccination programme currently discriminates against men and will be responsible for failing to slow down the current rise of mouth cancer cases.
  • Girls aged 12-13 have received the HPV vaccination since 2008 under the cervical cancer programme but the virus is also responsible for mouth, penile and anal cancers, in addition to genital warts.  – read more



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