It has been brought to the attention of the BADN and their indemnity insurers, that some dental practices are advising their dental nurses not to join their professional association, the BADN,  thereby not allowing them to enjoy the numerous benefits of membership, which include  indemnity cover.

BADN®, the only professional Association which exclusively represents dental nurses, would ask that you all carefully consider the following points before you make any decision:

  • If you ask your boss what to do, you may be told that the existing arrangements that they have in place will suffice to indemnify you. However, GDC rules stipulate that all Registered Practitioners (this includes you) must maintain indemnity, so you must be absolutely sure that this practice indemnity fully protects you on an ongoing basis. It is incumbent on all individual registrants to ensure that they have adequate indemnity in place. In a worst case scenario, if your boss practices without indemnity or their policy does not extend to cover you, and you are unaware of this, then your lack of awareness may not be an adequate defence before the GDC. This could then become a disciplinary matter as the rules will have been breached. You will be personally liable for these costs and any subsequent claims that may arise, and you will not have any indemnity in place to protect you financially.
  • What if you need to claim under your boss’s policy? How will this affect your job and relationship with your employer, and are you confident that you will receive the support from them when you most need it?
  • Is there a potential conflict of interest? What happens if allegations are made against your boss and you are called as a witness against them? Are you happy to have to tell your boss this and ask to seek advice off their policy insurers? Would this impact on your relationship and career?
  • What happens if you move practice? If you are party to a claim from a patient at your old practice, you will have to go back to them and ask if they will deal with you until the matter is settled. Would you be happy doing this now that you no longer have a working relationship with them, and can you guarantee that they will still provide cover for you?
  • The cost of membership (including indemnity) is under £100 for the vast majority, which equates to less than 30p per day. Please consider this against the costs of one hour of a lawyer’s time, which will be anything from £150 – £300 (possibly more in some parts of the country). NB: the insurers of the BADN scheme have paid in excess of £100,000 to defend one single dental nurse – demonstrating the value of the cover!