BADN welcomes the GDC’s decision to set a lower ARF fee of £116 for dental nurses in 2015.  Whilst this is a step in the right direction, the ARF is still too high in comparison with dental nurse salaries, especially for those who work part time but still have to pay the full ARF.

BADN applauds the GDC’s commitment to examining the reasons for the increasing number of complaints and what can be done to reduce them; and to  their efforts to obtain both  a “completely new legal framework” and “significant interim legislative change” which would streamline the manner in which the GDC deals with cases and therefore reduce costs; and supports their campaign to achieve these.  However, BADN strongly believes that the ARF for dental nurses should be considerably lower than that for hygienists and therapists, and that there should be a reduced  ARF for all registrants, not just dental nurses, who work part time.

BADN will continue its ongoing dialogue with the GDC on these points.

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