Audit heightens concerns about GDC

The publication this week of an Audit of the General Dental Council’s initial stages fitness to practise process by the Council for Healthcare Regulatory Excellence (CHRE) will create further concern about the organisation’s performance, the BDA has said.


The audit, published on Monday 5 September, identifies a number of significant issues with GDC processes including inadequate information gathering, ongoing weaknesses in explaining the closure of cases, extensive unexplained delays in the referral of cases and poor recording and management of case information. Damningly, the review also says that GDC assurances that it would take action to address weaknesses identified by previous CHRE reports have either not been fully implemented or have failed to have any noticeable effect. The audit follows a critical review of the GDC by CHRE in July.

1.        The CHRE audit is available at:


2.       The CHRE’s review of the performance of the GDC, published in July, offered a critical appraisal of the organisation’s work and mirrored BDA concerns about its priority setting and performance. Details are available at:

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