Against the Odds awards

“I’m not afraid of the way I look any more”, says winner in orthodontic award
The life-changing impact of orthodontics on a 15-year-old girl who was victimised and
called Bugs Bunny at school is being celebrated in the British Orthodontic Society’s
Against the Odds award which is held annually to find the best story of specialist
treatment submitted by a patient.

The entry of first prize winner Katharine Highfield of Coulsdon in Surrey was
commended by the judges, Capital FM newsreader, Holly Jones and Professor Tim
Newton, Professor of Psychology as applied to Dentistry. They commented: “She went
from being called Bugs Bunny and having people talking behind her back to
feeling able to audition for a role in the school play. Orthodontics really changed
her life. She told the story so well and her pictures illustrated the

Of her orthodontist, Georgina Cartwright, from Croydon Orthodontic Practice, Katharine
wrote: “I would like to thank Georgina for perfecting my teeth and also for being
really nice and supportive. I have found the whole treatment has made me a much
more comfortable person and I am no longer afraid of the way that I look all
thanks to Georgina who worked hard to make sure I got the result I did.”

Second place in the award goes to Jess Robinson, aged 17, for her entry describing her
complex treatment to improve her smile and the positioning of her jaws. Aged 8, she
had numerous problems, including two missing teeth, a large gap between her front
teeth and an underbite, where the lower teeth close over the upper front teeth. At the
time she was told her problems were too extreme and she would need surgical
treatment as an adult to reposition the jaw.

Three years later she saw a different specialist, Angus Pringle of Guildford Orthodontics
and as Jess said, he “understood the original assessment but liked a challenge.” The
judges said: “This was a story of a complex course of orthodontics. The high standard of
treatment that Jess enjoyed shone through in her story. At every turn, the orthodontist
went the extra mile to accommodate her. The treatment was a hard slog for both the
orthodontist and the patient but a great result made it worthwhile.”

The third prize winner is 12-year-old Daniel Allen of Stoke-on-Trent who was treated
by Chris Lowe of Hightown Orthodontics in Crewe. Daniel’s hand-written story also
impressed the judges who said: “Daniel was delighted by the outcome and this really
comes across. We loved the passion he put into writing his entry and his desire to win
not for himself but for his orthodontist. This was a fantastic endorsement of his treatment.”

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