NDNC 2018 -Pride in Practice Speaker – Andrew Gilliver

Andrew Gilliver is part of LGBT Foundation’s Pride in Practice team which offers Primary Care Practices access to training around LGBT inclusion, support around Gender Identity, Trans Status and Sexual Orientation Monitoring and a suite of accessible resources. Pride in Practice is supported by The British Dental Association and funded by Greater Manchester Public Health & Development Service and NHS England.


Conference subject title: Pride In Practice – Excellence in LGBT Oral Health


  • Understanding the barriers faced by LGBT patients when accessing dental health care.


  • Awareness of how you can support your LGBT patients
  • How LGBT Foundation (and others) can offer ongoing support to your practice.

BRIEF SYNOPSIS (100 words)

LGBT communities include people of different genders, sexual orientations and come from all backgrounds. Dental care providers may not be aware of the importance of acknowledging that they have patients who are lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT). Patients who identify as LGBT may have complex health needs and a dental care provider who knows that a patient is LGBT is better informed about their patient. Special attention does not need to be paid to these patients over anyone else but providers are bound by The Equality Act (2010) to ensure that they pay due regard to these patients’ protected characteristics.

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