2016 NDNC Terms & Conditions

By registering for the 2016 National Dental Nursing Conference, you agree to the Conference Terms and Conditions:

Payment is required upon registration by credit or debit card.  Payment is not made on-line, but off-line in the BADN office.  A place at the Conference is not reserved until payment has successfully been taken.

If a card is refused by the card provider, a £10 administration fee will be added*

Refunds of the Conference registration fee are available for cancellations made up to and including 30 September 2016 – less a £10 administration fee. No refunds are available for cancellations made on or after 30 September 2016.

Substitute delegates may attend the Conference with the prior permission of, and at the discretion of, the Chief Executive**

As registered dental professionals, delegates are expected to attend the Conference appropriately dressed – ie business or smart dress. Any delegates attending in shorts, sportswear, beachwear, or other clothing deemed by the Chief Executive to be inappropriate (ie excessively revealing, offensive slogans, etc) will be asked to leave. They may return  suitably dressed if they wish; if not, there will be no refund of  fees.

Delegates are also expected to conduct themselves in a manner appropriate to registered dental professionals. Delegates who are inebriated, or under the influence of illegal substances, who display aggressive or violent behaviour, who are abusive, use offensive language, or otherwise offend or harass delegates/staff or behave in a manner deemed by the Chief Executive to be inappropriate, will be asked to leave. In this instance, no refund of  fees will be available.

Delegates are also requested to refrain from holding conversations during presentations,  to turn mobile phones and other electronic devices off during presentations and to generally observe the rules of common courtesy towards fellow delegates, speakers and BADN staff.  Delegates who fail to do so may be asked to leave by the Chief Executive.

Delegates agree to any photographs of the event on which they are visible being used by BADN in press releases, on the BADN website and other websites, on Facebook, in the “British Dental Nurses’ Journal” and other publications, in other BADN communications,  for use in the promotion of BADN, BADN activities, and/or this and  future events and for training purposes. Any delegate who does not wish to appear in photographs should contact the Chief Executive in writing before the Conference.

The taking of photographs, video recordings, audio recordings and any other electronic reproductions  by delegates is not permitted. All images, electronic and otherwise, are the property of BADN and may not be reproduced, posted on websites, published or distributed in any way whatsoever.  Any delegates found to be taking photos, videos, recordings etc will be asked to leave  and no refund of  fees will be given.

Details are correct at the time of going to press; however BADN reserve the right to amend the programme and cannot be held responsible for any changes.

*  If a debit/credit card is refused by the card provider, the registrant will be contacted by BADN and asked to rectify their position with their card provider or provide details of another card.  The registrant’s place at the Conference is not reserved until payment (plus the £10 administration fee) is successfully completed.  If the same card is remitted after the initial refusal, the registrant may be liable to additional charges by their card provider. **  Requests for delegate substitutions should be made in writing to the Chief Executive at before 10 October 2016, stating the full name and confirmation number of the original delegate, the full name of the substitute delegate and the reason for the substitution.    A non-member substituting for a BADN member delegate will be additionally be required to pay the difference in registration fees.

The Chief Executive’s decision on any of the above is final.