Alisa Yalcin – Students


Alisa left school in 1995 with GCSEs then went on to complete her A levels in the sciences.  After traveling for a few years she returned to study A levels in psychology and an NVQ advanced in Art and design, while working in retail.  She continued to study at night classes and work during the days until finally finding her career at a dental practise in 2009 as a receptionist. She completed her qualification in dental nursing in 2012. Alisa returned to the same practice after her son was born, registered with the GDC and undertook OHE and Radiography qualifications in 2013.

Alisa has a keen interest in the clinical aspects to dentistry and enjoys being a part of the spiderweb of providing better public oral health through education and intervention.  She comes from a rich cultural background and loves to try new things and face new challenges.

Tell us about your early life

I was born in Colchester, although I went to boarding school in Hertfordshire.  I have lived in six different counties in the north, south and midlands.  I have studied continually my whole life in varying subjects before becoming a dental nurse

What jobs did you do before you   became a dental nurse? 

I was a retail manager for many years.  As a child my aspiration was to be a daffodil.

What education/training did you do?

I have a selection of A levels and my NVQ in Dental nursing.  After registering I gained the Oral health educator certificate and radiography certificate with the BDA.  I have competencies in Fluoride application from King’s College, dental photography from Birmingham University and Implant dental nursing from Eastman’s Dental Hospital. At the moment I am studying some dental nursing courses that compliment my current chair side role with a specialist oral surgeon.

What about CPD?

I was raised with the ethos that everything must be questioned and understood.  I read everything I can about anything dental related.  Dentistry evolves fast and I do my best to keep informed. So far, since qualification, there has not been a time where i have not been studying towards my professional development.

What jobs have you had in dental nursing?

I have worked in one mixed practice since I first began dental nursing. I was very fortunate to work with some outstanding clinicians, and to work for 3 years within a community centred domiciliary contract.

What posts have you held with BADN?

No other posts.

Where do you live now and with whom?

I live close to my parents, my sister and my childhood best friend.   I live with my wonderful son, who is 3 years old, and our cat.

What about hobbies?

My free time is mostly spent cooking and baking, although I do a lot of crafts with wood and polymer clays.  I recently began knitting, and have dusted off my sewing machine with the hope of being able to make something useful. I take regular exercise and read daily, although mostly my hobbies revolve around the home in the evenings while my son sleeps.

Tell us five things about yourself that most people probably don’t know

I have made nearly 30 blood donations in my life.

I have had the same best friend since I was 11, and now our children play together.

I learned mandarin at school, and my teacher would make us move dog biscuits from one bowl to another using chopsticks.

My longest plane journey showed five in flight movies.

In dentistry, the only thing that makes me uncomfortable is the noise made by cotton wool.